THANKS TO LEGAL AID, a severely disabled man is staying in his home

noun_Superhero_550572I represented a severely disabled man who had both mental ill health and spina bifida.

His social landlord had accused him of anti-social behaviour and was seeking an injunction, with power of arrest if he breached the injuction. If the injuction was granted, the landlord would then be able to get possession of the property and the judge would have to make a possession order.

THANKS TO LEGAL AID, I was able to examine the allegations against my client and get an expert report which confirmed that, because of his spina bifida, he could not have done what he was accused of doing by the landlord. The housing association agreed to withdraw the injuction application and were convinced that the allegations were coming from a disgruntled neighbour.

THANKS TO LEGAL AID, I prevented a teacher and her daughter from sleeping on the streets

noun_Homeless Family_968711I represented a former teacher with a teenage daughter.

Following anti-social behaviour by her neighbour, my client’s mental health had deteriorated and she was diagnosed with psychosis. She lost her home and had nowhere else to stay.

THANKS TO LEGAL AID, and with the help of social services, I was able to ensure that my client was not sleeping on the street with her teenage daughter on bonfire night.

THANKS TO LEGAL AID, I helped a vulnerable, homeless young woman get safe housing

noun_homeless_1353880I represented a very young woman with serious learning difficulties and some mental health problems.

She was being emotionally, verbally and financially abused by her father who had power of attorney, meaning all of her benefits were handled by him. She had fled and was homeless.

THANKS TO LEGAL AID, I drafted a letter to the local authority homelessness service outlining their legal duties. She was placed in a hostel that night and moved into supported accommodation within 7 days.

THANKS TO LEGAL AID, an older lady with chronic anxiety will continue to receive her disability benefit

AnxietyimageI represented an older lady with chronic anxiety in a welfare benefits appeal.

Despite her struggling with any kind of social interaction and having lengthy unprovoked periods of crying each day, the first judge found that she was fit for work. I appealed this decision to the Upper Tribunal.

THANKS TO LEGAL AID, the appeal was successful and she continues to receive her disability benefit.