Lawyers: submit a case study

If you are a legal aid lawyer, we would love you to submit your case studies to be published on this blog.

Whilst we ask for your name and email address, these personal details will be kept securely and your post and your client will remain totally anonymous. We won’t pass your details on to anybody else without your permission.

We aim to publish a representative sample of the case studies submitted. If your post is published we‘ll you email you with the link so you can circulate it using social media.


  • DO be brief and use clear, accessible language.
  • DO include details about how the client was vulnerable or why they needed help.
  • DON’T include case law or legislation! This blog is for a lay audience.

Here is an example submission: “I represented an Iraqi man with severe mental health problems. He was kept in inhumane conditions in detention. He was so unwell he was unable to comply with proper treatment. THANKS TO LEGAL AID, I got him transferred to a hospital for urgent treatment. He is now a refugee.”

Submit as many as you can to help show what legal aid is really about!