THANKS TO LEGAL AID, I helped to secure a future for two children with their loving & devoted father.

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“Today I met a father of 2 British kids who had been deported from the UK. He committed a crime & was deported with no regard for his children or his rehabilitation whilst in prison. THANKS TO LEGAL AID, I got his deportation order revoked & reunited him with his children.”


THANKS TO LEGAL AID, I helped a severely learning disabled prisoner be released from jail.


“Today I met a prisoner. His learning disabilities prevented him from access to a risk reduction programme. He languished in prison as a result. THANKS TO LEGAL AID, I established this was discriminatory & helped reduce risk from these prisoners to the public.”

THANKS TO LEGAL AID, I was able to support a family when their daughter committed suicide in prison.


“Today I met a mother whose daughter died in prison. She took her own life after telling prison officers she felt suicidal due to detoxing from heroin. THANKS TO LEGAL AID, I was able to represent the deceased’s family & young children at the inquest.”

THANKS TO LEGAL AID, I was able to prevent a child being taken away from her mother.


“Today I met a prisoner whose child was going to be taken away from her. The Prison Service had a rigid rule preventing children staying with their mother beyond 18 months of age. THANKS TO LEGAL AID, I was able to challenge the rule so the mother & daughter could stay together.”