THANKS TO LEGAL AID, a young woman with autism got the support she needs


“I represented a woman with autism and physical health issues. She was not receiving enough support from her local council to meet her social care needs. THANKS TO LEGAL AID, I secured the support she needs to do voluntary work and live a happy and fulfilling life.”


THANKS TO LEGAL AID, a terminally ill man was released from prison


“I represented a disabled man who had been released from prison. He was recalled to prison for breaking a mug in his care home when he found out he was terminally ill. THANKS TO LEGAL AID, he was released to a disability-adapted flat.”

THANKS TO LEGAL AID, I enabled a wife to spend more time with her husband in hospital

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“I represented a young woman whose husband was in a minimally conscious state following a road traffic accident.¬†She travelled 3 hours a day to visit him as he was placed so far from home.¬†THANKS TO LEGAL AID, I persuaded his CCG to commission a new placement 20 minutes from home.”